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A new marketplace has opened online where content creators gain access to freelance film editors to collaborate with on their projects– Videopixie. The start-up was created in 2012 by Tom Saffell and Thomas Escourrou, as a re-imagining of their earlier retailer video platform  SellStage. Videopixie has steadily gained a reputation as being a great place where freelance editors can pick up a little extra cash between projects.


The digital age has brought in a slew of exceedingly easy ways to shoot a film. Most people have access to a personal video recorder of some degree, from vlogging on your webcamera, to filming your dog doing silly tricks with your iPad. If you go to a rock concert these days and it’s a rare to see anyone in the crowd using a bic lighter during the slow numbers; these days it’s all that greenish-blue smartphone hue making stadiums look romantic. In fact, it’s now become so prevalent within our culture, that even newly weds are requesting ‘no mobiles’ during their services; not to stop inconsiderate tweeters but rather to stop people from getting in the way of the hired videographer. There are thousands of people needing an editor to put together their home/wedding/travel video’s into a movie they can enjoy for years. There are also thousands of retailers looking for film professionals to cut weekly product videos for them. There are directors, advertisers, corporations, educators, youtube users, game creators (and so forth) in search of an editor for their videos. This is where Videopixie makes sense, joining together those in need of a professional editor and artists in need of paid projects. All clients need do is upload their footage, make it available to editors, who then cut teasers from it; the client chooses the one they likes best giving the job to it’s editor. Simple.


vidpix 2

Examples of previously successful projects


Signing up as an editor.

Before you can start bidding for projects you’ll need to make an account. Don’t choose the regular ‘sign up here’ button as that will give you the wrong type of account (accounts for those looking for artists- we’ll call them ‘clients’). Instead, scroll to the very bottom of the page and you’ll see ‘sign up as an editor’ written out in neat white font. Once you’ve made your account, listed some of your past projects and written ‘something about yourself’, you’ll get to see the ‘Available Projects’ page. This is where (as the name suggests) paid projects are listed out from highest to lowest pay. You can also see how many other artists have placed a bid to try to ‘win’ the project.


Videopixie Projects

Videopixie Projects

Bids & Creative Contests.

Clients have the choice to either directly employ an editor they like; by accepting a bid or by having a ‘creative contest’. Creative Contests’ invite all artists to edit a teaser which the client will view and choose the one they like most, giving the job to them. Placing bids also involves creating a short ‘teaser’ of the project, submitting your price for the final product and writing a short ‘pitch’ (which can include links to other projects/reels, explaining your workflow, ideas you may have for the final cut). The clients will upload their video assets (directly through Videopixie or via online storage) which you download and start working on your teaser; often you’ll work with proxy or low resolution assets, with final assets reserved for the winning bid.


Overall, Videopixie is a great idea, and if utilised by more clients, could prove to become a steady form of income for many film editors.

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