The Genie Mini II is now available so you can capture spectacular motion time-lapse and video.

The Genie Mini II builds upon the previous Genie Mini, adding functionality while keeping the same small form factor. It also incorporates features previously only found in the Genie II.

Importantly, it adds updated connectivity like WiFi, USB-C and Bluetooth 4.2. WiFi now gives Syrp the ability to more easily push out firmware updates to the device. Future planned releases include camera control, auto exposure ramping and a time-lapse compiler. Best of all, Syrp plans on keeping these software updates free.


The new Genie Mini II may look like the original Genie Mini, but boasts a huge number of new features:

  • Bluetooth 4.2: providing a more reliable and faster connection with other Syrp devices and the app.
  • USB-C: charging and with a later update; for camera control.
  • Multirow panorama: use the new app to sync two Genie Minis together (Pan & Tilt). Simply specify the focal length and overlap for each image, shoot up to 5 rows for creating high-resolution ‘gigapixel’ images and 360 content
  • Set up to 10 keyframes and program more complex motion control movements, ability to pan at different speeds and even directions.
  • Connect Genie Mini II to other Syrp products like the Genie II Linear or other Genie Mini’s to create up to 3-axis motion control. Customize each axis separately for more advanced motion control movements.
  • The “Simple Setup” feature allows you to adjust your smooth panning motion by using the simple dial user interface.
  • In-app joystick control for setting start and end points. Use the onscreen joystick to move the Genie Mini II to the desired start and end point perfect for quick setup.
  • WiFi: enabling access to future software features.


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