The one thing that most new filmmakers tend to skimp on, in the rush to get their project completed, is capturing quality sound recording during the shoot. It’s a common mistake that can be impossible to fix in post, even for seasoned post-sound designers.

Audio is 50% of your film, and although many audiences fail to notice ‘good’ sound, they will ALWAYS notice when the sound is bad! So getting it recorded properly during your shoot is critical to the quality of your finished project.

There are a lot of good sound recorders on the market, but Tascam and Zoom are easily the most popular brands for filmmaking. The Tascam DR-680 MkII has been a staple to many a boom operator’s kit. The Zoom H6 is another good choice for indie, doco or ENG recordists.

However, for those shots where using a boom isn’t feasible (e.g wedding videography, wide-shots or some ENG crews), then Tascam has just released a new lavalier/recorder – the DR-10L.

The new kit features a pro-sound lavalier microphone and micro bodypack, capable of capturing broadcast standard 48kHz/24-bit WAV files to microSD or microSDHC cards, with up to 10-hours of operation on a single AAA battery.’

It also features the company’s Dual Recording mode, which allows users to record a second lower-volume safety track for when sound is distorted by unexpected level spikes.

Other features include a built-in limiter (for distortion prevention), a low-cut filter (to reduce wind and rumble noise), and an OLED display that the company says is readable in direct sunlight.



The DR-10L will be available for pre-order soon (via Tascam dealers worldwide) for US$199.99, with shipping to begin late October, 2016.

For more info, check: www.tascam.com

Australian Distributer: C.M.I Music & Audio


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