Silver Trak Digital and Motion Picture Solutions (MPS) have launched a new local distribution office in Auckland, extending their “Better Connected Together” content delivery services to distributors and exhibitors in the New Zealand market.

The launch means the strategic partnership can now directly service the needs of distributors and exhibitors throughout the North and South island with the same electronic and physical content delivery services the partnership debuted last year in Australia, ensuring features, trailers, advertising and marketing materials reach sites via the fastest, most modern and direct means possible. 

The new Auckland operation replicates the proven distribution facility MPS and Silver Trak Digital established last year in Sydney, making MPS and Silver Trak Digital the only provider to offer a single point of service to customers across both Australia and New Zealand.  

“As exhibitors and distributors know only too well, our industry is seeing rapid change in the content distribution arena,” comments Christian Christiansen, COO at Silver Trak Digital, “We’re excited to be in the vanguard of this change with MPS and pleased to be bringing truly dynamic content delivery of feature films, trailers and advertising to customers in New Zealand. The highly collaborative approach we adopted in Australia has already proved itself on a number of major territory-wide releases, so we are confident our customers in New Zealand will now benefit considerably from the same transparent, efficient network.” 

“The launch of our new Auckland office is hugely significant for our customers in the territory,” explains Jason Harrod, MPS’s head of distribution services in the APAC region, “Local distribution allows us to support the territory and clients far more efficiently and allows for more streamlined deliveries via one single integrated distribution platform. We successfully rolled out these same services to customers in Australia, working with major studios and smaller independent distributors alike as well as exhibitors throughout the country, supporting them directly from our Sydney hub. The local knowledge provided by our partners Silver Trak Digital has been central to this success, so we’re confident our new Auckland set-up is going to transform the distribution landscape in New Zealand in the same way.”

Silver Trak Digital:

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