It’s not often we get to show a product in pre-release, but upon hearing of the Rageboard grading console’s recent showing at IBC, we thought it was definitely something our readers would want to know about.

The Rageboard is made by German company, Angry Face, which just launched its website with an eye for hand-making customised Rageboards. Angry Face say rather than just creating a mass-produced product, it intends to make personalised consoles, unique and tailored to their clients needs, with burned in logos and different colours.


Angry Face founder, Matthias Aderhold said when discussing the board that, “the initial spark was delivered by Andreas Brückl, who did a rough 3d-render of such a panel together with a colleague at 1000 Volt, Istanbul. He asked me, if I would like to build such a panel. I agreed, but wanted to make it in a more comprehensive way.”

Alderhold told the Liftgammagain Forum“the Element-panels can be organized in any order – also closer to the middle panel, if you take out the place-holder plates with the penholder and USB 3.0-port and put them on the far left/right, instead of the panels.”


Rageboard ready for customisation.


IMG_7147The Rageboard as yet isn’t available for purchase, as the company plans to make a number of available products ready for customisation.

As to price, Alderhold said:

“It’s not a finished product, yet – still needs a bit polishing here and there (especially look&feel, I’m not completely satisfied with), so right now, I can’t comment on the pricing – but we’re trying our best to get it out of the door rather sooner than later.”





  • for 4 to 6 Element-Panels
  • Dimensions: 137cm x 55cm x 12cm
  • Keyboard mountable right- and left-side
  • Integrated 10-port USB 3.0 Hub by Anker
  • Integrated Bluetooth-Keyboard Logitech K810 (cable-powered)
  • Included Bluetooth-receiver
  • Included all necessary adapters & cables for keyboard and panels
  • Included one placeholder-plate for the second keyboard-sink
  • Included one placeholder-plate with hole for Wacom penholder
  • Included one placeholder-plate with USB 3.0 port
  • Integrated two USB 2.0 ports left and right from the middle panel for lighting
  • Wooden finish
  • Custom color
  • Burned-in custom Logo on placeholder-plate for keyboard
  • Weight without panels: ~14kg


Price and Availability

The Rageboard’s price, pre-order and shipping will be announced soon via the Angry Face website, here.




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