MXL has released a lavalier microphone that is specifically designed for GoPro cameras.

The GoLav is an omni-directional microphone, with clip and a 1.5m Mogami cable. It’s the first of its kind to have a mini USB connector built directly into the cable, with a right-angle connector that’s compatible with GoPro’s protective cases. The mic also comes with its own foam windsock and an extra fuzzy windsock for use in high-wind situations.

MXL sales and marketing director Perry Goldstein says, “The GoLav is really a point-of-view microphone to go with the world’s most popular point-of-view camera.
It puts the mic closer to the user’s mouth to improve the audio quality [allowing users to] record their own commentary and reactions.”


  • Omni Directional Microphone with Clip
  • Low Profile, Right Angle Connector
  • Plugs Directly into the Camera
  • Flexible 5 ft Mogami Cable
  • Noise Minimizing Windscreen
  • Pouch and Clip Included


The GoLav will be available next month, with a retail price of AU$149.99 inc GST.

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Excerpts from Press Release

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