Hollywood based camera rental company and production house, 27 Notch has designed a new cine arm, that combines ease-of-use with the versatility to be able to use it not only for GoPros, but for procams, lighting, monitors or virtually anything with a 1/4′ 20 screw.

The Infinity Arm uses a traditional cine arm design but incorporates a rosette locking system and 360° rotatable and interchangeable ball-tipped ends, which allows for a quick release to add or remove accessories.

Infinity Arm holding up a Sony F55 to get a high angled shot

Infinity Arm holding up a Sony F55 to get a high angled shot

Co-Creator Arron Nelson says, “I have worked with many clients from DP’s to camera assistants and they always complained about the current Cine Arms, so we decided to create our own.” We love that kind of innovative thinking!

Check out the weight test below using a RED Epic:

Nelson said, “The Infinity Arm was created to be the one-stop cine arm taking the best of current arms on the market and putting it into one. We strongly believe in our product and hope that it will help others.”

The makers have entered the manufacturing stages and is the arm is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Of course, that all depends on if they hit their goal.




  • Equipped with a rosette on each arm for maximum holding strength.
  • No loose parts, meaning just two arms and one knob; all bearings and ramps are internal – so no worries of losing any small parts.
  • Allows for quick changes with a push button to release each tip from the arm, saving you the time to unscrew it.
  • Mounting options include 1/4″-20 male, cold shoe and GoPro mount. (Future mounts will include: custom clamp, 3/8″, baby pin, female 1/4″-20 and 3/8″ with more to come)
  • Made of high grade aluminum and steel for strength and light weight.
  • Quickly customizable and adjustable. It can attach to multiple places quickly for a wide variety of jobs.
  • Current prototype total arm length without tips is 8 1/2″
  • Strong enough to hold any pro camera, light, accessory and photo combo.
  • CNC machined and anodized for durable long life operation.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here, or visit the website, here.




Excerpts from PR

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