Odyssey7Q Firmware Update Brings 4K RAW Recording

Filmmakers, set your computers to Download Speed Mach 4. As the good news today out of Colorado Springs is that Convergent Design’s Odyssey7Q capability will soon be increased with an firmware update bringing recording of 4K RAW signal from the Sony PMW-FS700. The update will be released sometime in February here (at time of writing it isn’t available as yet).

Convergent Design Odyssey7Q quad split

Pic from UrbanFoxTV

“4K RAW recording will be a part of the FS700 Record Option on the Odyssey7Q. It will be made available as part of the upcoming February Firmware Update for the unit. Any current owner of the FS700 Record Option will receive the 4K RAW capability as part of the firmware update and at no additional cost. To use the FS700 Record Option on the Odyssey7Q, an FS700R camera or an FS700 with RAW upgrade from Sony is required. In 4K RAW mode, the FS700 can output 4096×2160 up to 60p. This signal can now be captured on the Odyssey7Q. With the FS700 Record Option the Odyssey7Q can also record 2K RAW (2048×1080) at frame rates up to 240” – Press Release



Pic from Erik Naso

About the Odyssey 7Q:
The Odyssey7Q combines Convergent Design’s knowledge and experience of both broadcast and cinematography recorders, while adding the capabilities of a high-end professional monitor. Odyssey7Q is a brilliant 7.7″ OLED monitor with 3400:1 contrast and true blacks. The 1280×800 monitor has comprehensive monitoring tools, and an iPhone/Android app for remote control and status.  Add Options to your Odyssey7Q, including ARRIRAW, Canon C500 4K Raw, Sony FS700 Raw, Multi-Stream HD and more; purchase a full-license, or simply RENT options on a daily basis, and industry first! Odyssey’s unique dual SSD architecture, coupled with 512GB SSD media, gives you long record times and redundant recording options.


Availability and Price
The Convergent Design Odyssey7Q is available now for $2799 AU$ (Inc GST) from New Magic Australia resellers, please visit www.newmagic.com.au/where2buy to locate your nearest reseller.

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