First 4K Footage from the Blackmagic Production Camera Released

Blackmagic Design’s CEO Grant Petty has just released test footage taken from the hotly anticipated Blackmagic Production Camera.


The release of the footage is a great sign for those waiting on camera since it’s announcement last April. The camera’s delays have been attributed to it’s Super 35 sensor having issues; not dissimilar to the initial problems the BM had with their first camera release. It still maybe some time before the camera’s hit shelves in the shops, as many expect the roll outs to initially start small, increasing over the following months; much as Blackmagic Design did with the BMCC.

Petty discussing the test footage said:

“This camera is not a low light camera, however I have included some clips at night so you can see that. I spent a few weeks wandering around with the camera taking some different types of shots. One shot of the jetty has some clipping in the sky to see the affect of clipping. All the shots are ProRes as I did not shoot RAW. I did notice that later when the guys did some more tests on the camera and lens that it was not shimmed correctly so I think the results could be better than this. Some of the shots have different shutter angles and I used standard still camera lenses.”
If you want to get your hands on the 10GB’s of footage shot by Grant Petty to edit for yourself than it’s available as a direct download here.

However, cinematographer Noam Kroll has uploaded a 1080p version of the footage for those who aren’t interested in waiting on a 10GB download.

The BMPC is stated as costing $3999 and should be shipping soon-ish.

More info here:


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