QPIX brings filmmakers professional production opportunities; helps them develop innovative new content for all platforms; identifies and develops their particular skills; nurtures their creativity; and develops and advances their businesses and careers.


QPIX has an outstanding record of production and success in national and international Festivals and broadcast. Our supervising producers, guest lecturers and mentors are among the top people in the industry. Our Volunteer Attachment program opens the door for our graduates to be selected by industry for placement with production companies, and our Storylines and Black Pearls on Country programs open up career pathways for filmmakers in regional and remote areas of the State.

Our plans for 2014 and into the future include the introduction of a unique model for development that will advance the scale and reach of our current work, and innovations in our industry training.



QPIX is producing 3 short dramas for ABC2 with Screen Network (SN), Screen Australia (SA) and Screen Queensland (SQ) , under the Screen Australia Raw Nerve program, and 5 indigenous documentaries for NITV/SBS under their Our Stories; Our Way project, also with SQ, SA and SN.




GEN TV: Diploma of Screen & Media (New Television) – CUF50107

Students produce: a web-series; music videos; band documentaries; television commercials; behind-the-scenes documentaries; ‘virals’, multiple elements towards a multi-episode series designed for TV and multiple-platform broadcast and distribution; and a ‘teaser’ for that series. Guest lecturers include Hal McElroy, Mark Overett, Veronica Fury and David Franken.

Graduates gain 1 year credit towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film, Television & New Media) at QUT.
THE FEATURE PROJECT: Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media (Directing) –  CUF60107

Students direct a short drama each and collaborate in producing, directing and crewing an anthology feature under executive producer Mark Overett. Guest lecturers include leading writer/directors Kriv Stenders, Mark Lamprell, David Caeser, Bill Bennett, Chris Fitchett, Rolf de Heer, Michael & Peter Spierig, and Robert Sarkies (NZ).


Graduates gain 1.5 years credit towards the Bachelor of Fine Arts at QUT.


QPIX is VET FEE HELP Registered for all courses


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U:         www.qpix@qpix.org.au


QPIX acknowledges the financial assistance of Screen Queensland and Screen Australia

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