Cinemartin has just released a free program, that will convert Blurays to a 2% of their size, resulting in files small enough to fit hundreds of them in a Pendrive.

Although many people rely completely on streaming their content these days, there are a number of people who still appreciate the quality of Bluray. For filmmakers, creating an archive of your work becomes difficult when all you own are discs.

Added to that is the issues you face when trying to compile your showreel, at times only having access to the Youtube trailer – which you then need to download and edit in. Most big budget film productions don’t offer crew members a playable file, so you’re left with the Youtube version, or buying the Bluray and ripping your work from that.

This is where software like MyBD comes into its own.

MyBD is a free, all-in-one Blu-ray ripper, decrypter, scaler and converter for backing up up your discs. The software uses H265 10-bit encoding and can fit an entire 32 GB Bluray in a 599 MB H265 video at FullHD with (almost) the same quality. It includes a decryption / unlock mechanism for you to backup your blu-rays, protected or not (don’t steal films, that’s not cool).

This gives you the ability to backup all of your movies and Bluray discs into full HD 1080i MP4s or MKVs. The software’s Pro version features multi-processing (up to 8 CPU cores) and also includes a video scaler to rip your movies into smaller resolutions: at 720p and 100-300MB PAL or NTSC SD resolution videos.

JFoster Oblivion

Above is a composition image with pictures taken from a original BlurayDisc and the backup (ripped movie) to h265 video produced by MyBD (you can download the high res image, here).


The Cinemartin MyBD tool

– Supports any kind of Blu-ray disc
– Unlock almost any BD protection
– Decrypt almost any protected video
– Backup entire disc or selected titles
– Backup/Rip all or selected languages
– Supports virtual drives
– It also suppots ISO’s
– Includes a video scaler 1080-720-SD
– Multiprocessing up to 8 CPU cores
– Output to H264 MP4
– Output to H265 MKV
– Output to H265 MP4

cinemartin 2

MyBD is now available for free at:

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