Flashpoint Rovelight

The Flashpoint RoveLight 600ws monolight with onboard power, is a wireless and highly portable light, designed for on-location lighting.

The RoveLight features a 22-step range of accurate regulated power from full to 1/128th power, and can be controlled via the rear console or the included wireless controller. Recycle speed is selectable by situation, as the RoveLight offers two different fast modes (3-3.5s or .3-4.5s), confirmed with audio and modeling light indication. The flash duration can go down to as low as 1/15,000 second.


The light also features a built-in LED modeling lamp which conserves the battery’s energy reserve and also includes a timer for auto shutoff when not in use. All of these system functions are displayed on the LED display. For more reflector and light modifier compatibility, there’s a RoveLight 600 package, which includes a Bowens mount.


The RoveLight is independent of power cords and generators and includes an interchangeable, 6600mAh lithium battery with a wireless controller, rendering it capable of an incredible 500+ full power flash bursts on a single charge (extra batteries are available for purchase).


Pricing and Availability

The Flashpoint RoveLight 600ws is now available for US$589.95.

The Flashpoint RoveLight 600ws with included Bowens mount is now available for US$600.00 and is available from Adorama: www.adorama.com

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