A new Indiegogo campaign is hoping to do away with the traditional computer mouse. Flow is an intuitive computer controller which allows you to record your own gestures, for quick and precise  actions.

Flow can recognise hand gestures, sensitive touch, air gestures and precise haptics (such as being tapped) via sensors. And unlike other air gesture tools or trackpads, the new gadget doesn’t require apps in order to use it.

The device already works with over thirty popular programs, with many NLE video editing software, CAD and photo manipulation software, such as Adobe Premiere CC, Photoshop, Autodesk and Adobe Illustrator, with more programs being added daily.


Flow already works with over thirty popular programs.


At the moment the device only works with Mac, but the creative team says that iOS, Android, Windows and Linux support will be added soon. Also, the creators have made the new gadget open-source, so third parties or those with coding experience can make it useable for more programs.

The German creative team, made up of electrical engineers, computer scientist and industrial designers, have said,

“We work on graphic design, video editing or CAD on a daily basis. Keyboard and mouse are great but they are far from giving you the same sensitivity and abilities as your hand. The same applies for music, browsing or presentations. We need a tool that gives us flexible shortcuts and perfect control, a tool that makes the things we love fast, precise, intuitive and fun. That’s why we created Flow, a freely programmable wireless controller.”

Price and Availability:

Currently you can grab yourself a standard Flow for US$99 + Shipping US$20 directly from the Indiegogo campaign here. Other options are also available, such as a coloured edition or a customised version of the device. The makers expect to begin shipping the completed devices next June 2015.

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