Remove unwanted objects from your video with this update from Adobe

Have you ever had a client ask, “can’t you just remove that car from the shot?” Well now you can with Adobes newest update for 2019.

For years editors and motion graphic artists have been waiting for this technology to be available and the wait is finally over. Along with a huge list of other new Adobe features such as expression editor improvements (find out more here), frame blending and motion blur composition (find out more here) and not to mention the performance improvements, Adobe has finally given us a tool that will save us all from the dreaded job of rotoscoping out unwanted objects in a frame. So now when that client asks to remove an object from a shot you can rest easy and not let your brain explode.

Check out all their newest releases in their latest video:

Try the new features yourself

Explore Content-Aware Fill in After Effects with free footage from Adobe Stock and instructions if you want to try it yourself.

Explore the Freeform Project panel in Premiere Pro with examples, guided instructions, and a whole collection of free footage from Adobe Stock so you try it out yourself.

Explore the Premiere Pro titling tools with new Rulers and Guides. Try it yourself with free footage from Adobe Stock.


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