The new DK-H200 multi-format, HDTV box camera from Hitachi, is the first of its kind to feature native, full frame 1080p acquisition, with the same functionality found in the company’s popular SK-series studio and field cameras.

The camera features 2.6 million pixel, 2/3-inch, progressive MOS sensors, with a 60dB signal-to-noise ratio and F12 at 59.94Hz and F13 at 50Hz sensitivity, which (the company says) allows users to capture footage with minimal noise even at high gain.

It features multiple formats of 1080p, 1080i and 720p outputs at 60Hz, 59.94Hz or 50Hz and it can simultaneously deliver different formats on each of the camera’s dual, 3Gbps-capableHD-SDI outputs. Saving users money and gear space by removing the need for external converters in mixed-format applications. A single-mode fiber interconnectivity is also available (as an optional extra), which allows the camera to produce video transmissions over long distances.

Weighing in at 1.3kg, the camera ‘s compact size means it can be used with robotic camera applications.

It also features direct TCP/IP networking, meaning it be controlled from within a studio, or from anywhere in the world through the internet. It has a number of fully automatic features, which include a built-in Automatic Exposure System (AES), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), automatic iris, and Full-time Automatic White Balance (FAW). Other image adjustmeant features include colour correction, skin tone detail processing, Ultra-Gamma response, focus assist, recallable scene and lens files, a motorized filter wheel.

The camera has the same remote control and setup control units as the SK Series, and supports 2/3” B4-mount, bayonet-style lenses, with Hitachi Real-time Lens Aberration Correction (RLAC) technology compensating for the optical distortions that can occur in even the best HDTV lenses. It’s also compatible with all third-party pan-and-tilt systems.

“Customers across all markets are looking to capture 1080p at full frame rate because of its spatial and temporal fidelity, particularly for detailed, high-motion content,” said Sean Moran, Chief Operating Officer, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Americas.

“Bringing the proven attributes of our best progressive studio cameras to the compact box format, the DK-H200 delivers a price-performance ratio we believe is second to none. It is ideal for any marketand use case where the superior quality of progressive acquisition at 1920×1080 resolution is desirable – from broadcast production and sports, to houses of worship, to government and military applications.”


The DK-H200 us available now and the company has said it will have a similar price-point to interlaced cameras, making it an affordable addition to budget conscience studios and applications.



  • NEW 2/3-inch, 1080/60p, progressively scanned, (Ultra-Advanced) UAIT-MOS sensors.
  • 1,100TVL standard resolution
  • >60dB signal to noise ratio (1080/60p without noise reduction)
  • 3Gbps progressive HD-SDI signal handling from end-to-end.
  • Optional single-mode fiber interconnectivity available for long distance transmission.
  • Network-ready w/ RJ45 & IP control
  • HDTV SDI signal outputs.
  • Monitor output (menu operation)
  • Gen-lock input
  • Switchable frame rate between 59.94Hz and 50Hz.
  • Deliver different formats on each of the camera’s dual, 3Gbps-capable HD-SDI outputs.
  • Remotely controlled optical filter wheel & 5-value ECC filters.
  • Low power consumption (<17W)
  • Lightweight <1.5Kg (w/o lens)
  • Auto Exposure System, Auto Gain Control, Auto Iris, and full-time Auto White Balance.
  • Advanced color correction, Ultra-Gamma response, focus assist
  • Linear masking
  • Manual and auto Skin tone detail & masking
  • Knee saturation & Auto-knee
  • Variable detail boost frequency
  • Programmable video gain settings
  • Gray scale auto setup
  • Auto setup lens white shading
  • Six preset electronic shutter speeds
  • Lock scan mode allows flicker-free pickup of a screen display having a different scanning frequency than the Camera.
  • AES – Automatic Electronic Shutter maintains exposure with fixed F-stop.
  • Employs high-end RU-1500 series control panels from SK-HDTV camera series.
  • Bi-directional data transfer
  • Auxiliary connector for external control
  • Pre-programmed files also allow the user to adjust Detail, Masking, knee, and more.
  • SU-1000/ RU-1500 remote panels can control via the TCP/IP camera control network.


Excerpts from Press Release.

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