Hague Camera Supports has announced the release of a new motorised pan and tilt powerhead for use with small handheld camcorders, compact cameras, lightweight DSLRs, miniature cameras and action cameras such as the GoPro.

The Powerhead can be mounted to a tripod, jib or wall bracket either vertically or underslung and it supports up to 1kg. It is supplied with a control box which allows the user to adjust the speed and direction of the head with the capability to pan & tilt through 360°, allowing the camera to point directly up & down, as well as various other angles.

It’s powered by two geared motors, with the camera’s tilt being belt driven, allowing the head to move smoothly with minimum backlash.

The head is powered by a rechargeable internal battery and the control box has two variable speed control knobs for pan and tilt movement in either direction, or simultaneously. The back of the control box are switches allowing direction of the control knobs and a socket for the 5 meter supplied control cable.

The camera plate has three mounting positions for different sizes of camera, with a 1/4″ threaded hole and locking wing nut. However with DSLR cameras balancing the mount can be tricky (depending on lens size) so it’s suggested that using the BCP Balance Correction Plate as a better option.

Movement speed goes from a crawl up to 24 degrees per second (0 to 4RPM), and whilst the drive motors are reasonably quiet, an onboard microphone will pick up their sound.

On the back of the control box there are switches to change the direction of the control knobs and a socket for the control cable. On the side of the control box is an on/off switch and a battery charging socket. A led light on top of the box indicates when the unit is switched on.


The PH100 is available now at price of £450.00 (incl. VAT).

For more info, check: www.haguecamerasupports.com


Excerpts from Press Release


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