Radiant Images to Showcase Custom-Built Gear – Cine Gear Exo 2014

Visitors to the Radiant Images Booth S216 at Cine Gear 2014 will be treated to the digital cinema innovators’ latest breakthroughs and solutions, including Novo action camera accessories and a wide selection of custom camera stabilizers that are revolutionizing filmmaking.

Radiant Images, a solution-oriented rental house singularly focused on advancing cinematography, will showcase the hottest gear, such as the revolutionary Phantom Flex 4K, lightweight RED Carbon Dragon and compact ARRI Master Anamorphics, as well as its latest creations. Custom DIT stations will be on display, featuring the Codex Vault 2, Codex View and Ovide Smart Assist. Other innovative products will include new Microview lenses, Steadicar, cinema drones and underwater housings.


RED Dragon Carbon

RED Dragon Carbon 6K

“We’re excited about Cine Gear because it gives us an opportunity to share our latest creations and discuss our approach with filmmakers and technicians who stop by our booth,” said Michael Mansouri, VP at Radiant Images. “Our focus is simplicity in design and operation, ease of use, small form factor, versatility. It’s a new language of cinema and we are helping artists express themselves with these new, uncomplicated tools.”

Phantom Flex

Phantom Flex 4K



Rather than taking a standard rental house approach, Radiant Images is focused on finding ways to stretch the boundaries of digital cinema, specializing in designing and building custom 2D and 3D solutions that enable cinematographers to achieve their vision without compromise.

Mansouri and his team of experienced technicians, including Sinclair Fleming, Radiant’s in-house engineer, and the firm’s rental agents will be on hand at Cine Gear to demonstrate and discuss Radiant’s offerings.

The various handheld, aerial and motorized camera gimbals, including the just-released DJI Ronin handheld system, are expected to take center stage in the Radiant Images booth.

Two of Radiant’s gyro stabilized camera gimbals – the FreeFly MōVI M10 and Novo Stabilized – are redefining the possibilities for camera movement in cinema. Both handheld devices incorporate breakthrough camera stabilization technology to quickly solve one of the biggest challenges faced by filmmakers – moving a camera in a steady path.




MōVI M10

The MōVI M10 is praised for its ability to smoothly pan, tilt or roll remotely to create camera moves that are unlike anything ever seen before – yet are amazingly easy to execute.

Radiant Images has made further modifications, such as shaving off weight with lighter cables, and integrating wireless HD video and wireless focus control, to enable the MōVI to handle a wide range of lenses with ease on larger digital cinema cameras, including the RED Epic, Alexa M and Canon’s EOS 1DC, 5D Mark III, C300 and C500 – even the Sony F55.

Radiant also created a new wireless Geared MōVI accessory to enable ultra smooth and more precise pans, tilts and rolls unachievable from the standard remote control joystick.



Novo Stabilized

The easy-to-use, lightweight Novo Stabilized is designed specifically for Radiant’s award-winning 3.2-ounce Novo digital cinema camera, giving professional filmmakers a powerful new tool with the tiny action camera. A fully outfitted Novo Stabilized weighs in at a mere four pounds.

Fleming, Radiant’s director of engineering, created the high-performance, 3 axis stabilizer that offers 360 degrees of continuous rotation using magnetic fields and no mechanical parts. The high-torque servo drive, designed with reduction of vibration in mind, is capable of the highest precision possible.


Radiant Images also will display its Novo Copter Cinema System, considered the world’s most versatile cinema drone. The ultra-compact quadcopter from the Drone Dudes features more professional cinematic qualities than any other aircraft in its class.

The versatile and unique Novo camera, developed by Radiant Images and View Factor Studios and released in 2013, its sister Novo 2K and the SI-2K Nano are continuing to captivate filmmakers.

The Novo offers key cinematic features missing from other action cameras in its class, including interchangeable lens, back focus adjustment and exposure control capabilities. The camera won a MARIO Award for innovation at NAB 2013. The Novo 2K shoots 2K uncompressed RAW, enabling filmmakers to have full control of latitude, exposure and color renditions.

The Novo has been used in a number of feature films, including Transformers 4, Ten, Fast & Furious 7 and In the Heart of the Sea as well as NBC’s Revolution. It was on the set for the Oscar winner Danny Boyle-produced TV drama Babylon, which was just picked up by Sundance TV for airing in 2015. The cameras also played a key role in the success of the award-winning short Random Stop and were used in the latest Toyota campaign now airing that features the Muppets en route to the premiere of Muppets Most Wanted.



Other gear and accessories on display in the Radiant Images booth at Cine Gear includes:

  • The new Optitek Epic EF Mount allows users to wirelessly control the iris and focus of Canon EF lenses without having to attach a motor lens control system to the camera.
  • A pair of fully-submersible underwater housings for the Novo, including a slick new handheld housing featuring wireless HD video, HD surface monitoring, internal power, external power, external remote start/ stop and a rear viewing window.
  • Microview Lenses that offer magnification up to 16x and can focus from infinity down to 18mm.
  • The powerful new Phantom Flex4K high-speed cinema camera, capable of shooting 1000 fps at full 4K resolution and offering spectacular high-definition image quality through a wide range of frame rates.
  • RED’s groundbreaking new 6K Epic Dragon and lightweight Dragon Carbon Fiber, which offer filmmakers dynamic range once thought impossible for a digital sensor.
  • ARRI Master Anamorphic lenses that offer a smooth, cinematic look, achieved with a  perfect combination of compact size, minimal weight, high speed and exceptional optical design. They represent a significant step forward in the technology and practicality of anamorphic cinematography.
  • The revolutionary Codex Vault and Codex Vault 2 on-set or near-set media management systems provide a simple, easy-to-use workflow solution.
  • The all-in-one Ovide Smart Assist, the most advanced video-assist system in the world, designed with mobility and simplicity in mind.


Excerpts from Press Release

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